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    • E-Shipping
    Nationwide Express, the leading domestic courier provider and an iconic brand name in the logistics industry, has once again introduced a latest e-solution known as Nationwide Express Internet Shipping (NEIS). It is an interactive solution specifically developed to enable customers to prepare and manage shipments faster, conveniently, accurately and smarter.

      Some of the exciting NEIS features will assist you in the:
      • preparation and generation of consignments,
      • storing of contact details in an online address book,
      • Convenient Billing Options for reverse charging and third party billing,
      • booking of pick-ups,
      • viewing of shipment summaries organised by departments and groups,
      • tracking of deliveries,
      • importing addresses and shipment information, in bulk, from your company’s systems using copy-and-paste into the web portal or,
      • uploading of CSV file.
    This e-Shipping technology needs no special software or training since it’s an easy process that allows anyone with accessibility of a PC and Internet connection to fully utilise It. You can now print consignments on a regular sheet of paper or label printer by selecting from the online address book. Searching for contact details, re-keying or handwriting of consignments, transcribing errors, and manual usage management and tracking are now avoided by using NEIS. To register, sign up for a nationwide2u account and check the box for "e-Shipping" option, or contact us Disclaimer Terms of Service Sitemap Quick Start Track Nationwide2U