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"Nationwide serves Worldwide!"

Yes! Now Nationwide not only delivers your shipment within Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, but also to more than 200 other countries worldwide. Nationwide has begun serving the international market since 1st August 2001, through our alliances with reputable courier partners. Now all you need to deliver anywhere within Malaysia or the rest of the world is an account with Nationwide.

When "Nationwide serves Worldwide", you get reliable and on time delivery at a very affordable price. Now you no longer need to have 2 or 3 courier account to cater for all your courier needs, all you need is Nationwide Express. We are proud to say that "Nationwide is the One Stop Center for all your courier needs!"

Our shipping solutions together with a host of value-added services, will improve your logistics and business processes of customer servicing, order management, distribution, fulfillment and billing.

Nationwide Express is committed towards helping you manage your business with speed and simplicity, improve your bottom-line and to gain strategic advantages in both regional and global commerce.

Log on to and you'll find a number of useful and interactive solutions specifically developed to meet your logistics needs and to simplify your job. Besides being able to track the status of your shipment using Nationwide Express' consignment note number or your own reference number, you will be able to use our latest e-solution (NEIS) to prepare and manage your shipments faster and accurately, and much more.

Nationwide Express, the leading domestic courier provider and an iconic brand name in the logistics industry, has once again introduced a latest e-solution known as Nationwide Express Internet Shipping (NEIS). It is an interactive solution specifically developed to enable customers to prepare and manage shipments faster, conveniently, accurately and smarter.  

Some of the exciting NEIS features will assist you in the :
Preparation and generation of consignments.
Storing of contact details in an online address bookConvenient Billing Options for reverse charging
  and third party billing.
Booking of pick-ups.
Viewing of shipment summaries organised by departments and groups.
Tracking of deliveries.
Importing addresses and shipment information, in bulk, from your company’s systems using
  copy-and-paste into the web portal or uploading of CSV file.

“One of our customers that used to spend almost two hours to manually prepare one hundred shipments is now taking only ten minutes by using our e-shipping services. Totally gratifying! ”, said Encik Mohd. Shukri A. Aziz, Senior Manager, Information & Communications Technology.

This e-Shipping technology needs no special software or training since it’s an easy process that allows anyone with accessibility of a PC and Internet connection to fully utilise It. You can now print consignments on a regular sheet of paper or label printer by selecting from the online address book. Searching for contact details, re-keying or handwriting of consignments, transcribing errors, and manual usage management and tracking are now avoided by using NEIS.

To register, sign up for a nationwide2u account and check the box for "e-Shipping" option, or contact us .

Consignment Note printed in A4 Consignment Note printed from a thermal printer

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Express Services for door-to-door deliveries within 24 hours in Peninsular Malaysia and 48 hours in East Malaysia
Scheduled Pickup Services for your regular shipments to be collected on a scheduled basis without having you to call us
Econpak, a flat rate service option, allows you to ship using a prepaid A4-size hard covered envelope that stores up to 1kg
Easicourier, a service that offers convenient drop-off at selected Petronas Mesra Stations
Premium Services *
Diplomat Services
for same-day express deliveries throughout Malaysia and Singapore
Late Pick-ups offer extended collection hours for delivery the very next day
Early Deliveries enable early morning deliveries for your shipments that are absolutely urgent
* Terms and Conditions apply

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International Courier offers express deliveries to over 200 countries through our affiliated global courier companies.

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Nationwide Express Freight Forwarders offer a range of cargo forwarding solutions that are tailored to your schedule and cost requirements. Nationwide Freight Forwarders has strong local presence due to the shared network with Nationwide Express Courier Services Berhad. Our freight specialists will ensure your shipment arrives safely and expeditiously:

1. through backing by our extensive network
2. by integrating with multi-modal capabilities that include airfreight and trucking
3. assisted by our customs clearance services

Nationwide Express Freight Forwarders principal activities include:

1. Airfreight services to East Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.
2. Airfreight services from East Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.
3. Trucking services within Peninsular Malaysia
4. Trucking services to and from Singapore.

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As Nationwide leaps forward to be more proactive in the logistics industry, we address customer needs by customising our services where possible to accommodate clients. Examples of customised logistics include :

Mailroom Outsourcing
The mailroom service is when Nationwide Express permanently locates staff at client's place to handle all outgoing and incoming mails and parcels as well as providing same day delivery of all the client's mails and parcels within the Klang Valley vicinity.

Special Handling (Special delivery department)
Special Delivery Department at Nationwide Express focuses on handling of sensitive materials, security and high value items. This department has a separate sorting hub as well as a special fleet of vehicles. Items designated to Special Delivery Department are handled by a group of specially trained staff.

Nationwide Express provides warehousing facility to complement the Pick, Pack and Ship service offered to customers.

Pick, Pack and Ship
As an extension to the traditional warehousing service of break bulking and re-packing of consignments, Nationwide Express now offers a direct from warehouse to customer delivery as well as return collection of goods from customer to warehouse.

E-Commerce Fulfillment
E-Commerce fulfillment is a service offered to online store front businesses, where Nationwide Express will deliver consignments purchased online from seller to buyer. This logistics service is focused solely on the e-commerce industry.

Supply Chain Management
Nationwide Express' extensive network, bountiful resources and broad range of available services complemented with our investment to viable IT solutions and systems enable us to offer a total Supply Chain Management Solution to our broad customer base spanning across various industries.

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Free Consultation and Advice on packaging and shipping your parcels.
Packaging Materials for your shipments by calling our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) or your Nationwide Express Account Executive.
Convenient Billing Options for reverse charging and third party billing.
Free Track and Trace of your crucial shipments at or call our CSRs.
Free Proof of Delivery details such as date and time of delivery and the name of the person who signed for the package.
Facility for Viewing of scanned and indexed images of shipping documents i.e. delivery order, proof of deliveries (PODs), packing slip etc. is available
  at our website or you may request for a compact disc containing the PODs of your shipments.

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